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Get A Mega Millions Ticket Online And Win Huge Jackpots!

Mega Millions Lotto is one of the most famous lotteries in the USA. It features several ways to win and a HUGE Jackpot prize, which can be anywhere from $10 to $600 MILLION! In the year 2012, a total of eight people have won the jackpot prize of this lottery. The latest winner (in August 2012) was based in New York and won $86 Million in cash. However, a staggering Mega Millions jackpot of $656 million was won March 30, 2012 - a World record for a lottery príze!

The jackpots offered by Mega Millions lottery are second to none, they start at a size which is equal to what other lotteries offers at their peak times. While the largest amount of players are from the US and the lottery is designed for residents of this country, it is possible to play it from anywhere in world! You can buy Mega Millions tickets online with the help of TheLotter - click here to visit - this company offers to buy the tickets on your behalf in the USA and then forwards them to you.

With their ticket service you are now able to participate in any international lottery online - they offer their service for 30+ international lotteries. That gives you a far better chance to win enormous amounts of money at Mega Millions compared to your local lotto.

So, how does it work?

There are actually 5 easy steps to be made and you will have your Mega Millions lotto ticket emailed to you:

  • Choose Mega Millions lottery from the list in the side column or click the widget above this article
  • Enter your lucky numbers or let the software do it for you (by the random numbers generator, the so-called "Quick Pick")
  • Select the amount of lines and draws that you want to buy a lotto ticket for
  • After you have completed your order, an  agent from TheLotter will then purchase the ticket your ordered, on your behalf and with your name on it
  • You will later find a scanned copy of the ticket in your customer acount, which displays your name and numbers on it.

TheLotter's services are used by millions of people around the globe. Their players have won Millions of dollars and never have had an issue with getting their prizes delivered. The ticket displays your full name, on top of the numbers chosen. Cashing out funds without your notice is not possible, period.

Mega Millions is not the only game TheLotter offers lottery tickets for

You can also take part in lotteries such as PowerBall Lotto, El Gordo, Mega Sena, Euro Millions Lottery and many others. The big advantage is that whenever you feel lucky, you will always find at least one or several lotto jackpots to be really large. Playing for the larger prize without paying more for the ticket (compared to a lottery with a smaller jackpot) increases your mathematical chances to win big money!

Mega Millions Lottery Prize Draws

The prize draws for this event are held on two days per week – every Tuesday and Friday at 11.00 P.M. Eastern Time. Each time 5 white balls are drawn out of a drum, which features a total of 59 balls. Additionally, one number from a drum of 46 yellow balls is drawn. Yellow balls are also known as ''MegaBalls''.

The draws are being broadcasted by WSB-TV, which is located in Georgia, Atlanta. You do not have to worry about missing out on your winnings after you buy a Mega Millions ticket online - notification of a win via email is included in the services of TheLotter!

Ways to Win 

Mega Millions offers 9 different prize levels. In order to win the jackpot, also known as The Grand Prize, you'll need to get the 5 white ball numbers right, as well as the Mega Ball. The odds of this happening are around 1 in 175,711,536.0000. As you can see, it's a long shot, but not an impossible one. After all, someone has to win the lottery, right?

The average Grand Prize is about $60 Million and in case that you should win, your lotto prize will be paid out to you over a number of years. Alternatively, you can choose to receive your prize in full in a lump sum, but then the payout will be somewhat lower. 

In addition to the Grand Prize, there are 8 more prizes that can be won at Megamillions. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 39.89. 

Find a full overview of possible Mega Millions cash prizes and requirements to win them below:

  • 5 White Balls + The Mega Ball – The Grand Prize (Jackpot)
  • 5 White Balls  -  $250,000
  • 4 White Balls + The Mega Ball - $10,000
  • 4 White Balls  - $150
  • 3 White Balls + The Mega Ball - $150
  • 3 White Balls -  $7
  • 2 White Balls + The Mega Ball - $10
  • 1 White Ball + The Mega Ball - $3
  • The Mega Ball alone - $2

Mega Millions Lotto also offers an additional feature – MegaPlier. Before each draw is done a MegaPlier is selected for that following draw, which can either be 2x 3x or 4x. This multiplier is then applied to all the prizes won, except for the jackpot. In order to take advantage of this feature, you'll need to add $1 when purchasing a ticket.

Can I play Mega Millions from my country?

Mega Millions tickets can currently be bought in the traditional way in 42 states of USA, meaning you can purchase tickets at any local lottery retailer. However, you can also play this lottery from any other place in the world. This can be done by using TheLotter, where you can purchase tickets online for all the most popular lotteries of the Planet, including Megamillions Lottery Tickets.